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Welcome to Soon Property Management


We are pleased to announce our company which specialized for sale, rent and administration of houses and villas in Orlando and Kissimmee areas.

 Our personnel, highly qualified guarantees tranquility, security and confidence in the acquisition, administration and taking care of your property.

To continue we will even expose more about the services that Soon Property Management offer to their clients:




 Fixed Rent Program.

   Tenant Placement Services Program.

Administration Program.

Maintenance Program




                                             RENTS PROGRAMS

Fixed Rent Program / Full Service Management

This program offers absolute tranquility to the proprietor on its monthly entrance once its property has been rented in the long term.  A tenant procuring fee of 85% of the first month rent will be charge to the owner which includes inspection of the property suggesting pricing, marketing and staging; advertise with yard signs, MLS system, Internet, newspapers, networking, and word of mouth; show the property and screen potential tenants (Tenant screening is the MOST critical point in property management. We always do our best to eliminate questionable applicants. Screening includes credit and public records, previous rental history, verification of income & employment and personal references); and enter into a lease with the tenant with our standard lease that offers exceptional protection to homeowners from liability and from undesirable tenants.

Standard property management fees 9% of the rental amount.  We collect rents from the tenant and forward proceeds to the owner; we can coordinate repairs or forward maintenance requests to the homeowner. We have a number of independent contractors who offer preferential pricing and excellent quality services to Soon Property Management's property owners; If needed; we send late and eviction notices. We will initiate legal action against tenants on behalf of the homeowner; and regular On-Site Inspection, Supervision, and Evaluation of Properties.  

Fees may be negotiable for property owners with multiple properties or in exceptional cases.


Tenant Placement Program

  This program is a service provide to those owners that like to do their own property’s administration. In this situation, the company will charge just the 85% of the first month rent as a commission for the company, this includes advertising the property, finding the prospect tenant, screening the credit history, criminal and eviction, the contract, the sign of the Real Estate Broker, and a previous move-in inspection.

Insurance: All owners of rental properties must have a current home owner’s insurance policy in effect and a copy of the policy is to be kept on file in our offices.

Accounting Statements: Each property owner will receive an accounting of all revenues received and all expenditures relating to their rental property on a monthly basis in accordance with the Property Management Agreement.

Initial Inspection: Each property will go through Initial Property Inspection and Acceptance performed by Soon Property Management with a copy kept on file in our office and a copy going to the owner.

Services: We provide a complete line of services to maintain and enhance your property's rental value. These services are performed by fully licensed professionals and directly supervised by Soon Property Management

  • Lawn Service
  • Pool Service
  • Pest Control
  • Maid Service
  • Maintenance and Repair

All prospective tenants are thoroughly screened at no cost to the owner. We have online computer services to check credit history, bankruptcy likelihood, judgments, evictions and criminal record. Employment verification, income, savings and past tenancies are checked. Satisfactory ratios between earnings and expenses have to be met to be considered for tenancy. 

The leasing agent that receives a commission for renting the home is not involved in the decision of establishing the suitability for tenancy. Leasing agents are commissioned while property managers are salaried employees. The background check is given to our salaried property managers, who contacts the owner of the property to allow their input and final decision. We will give you recommendations based on our experience and market conditions without the bias of an agent making a commission if you accept a tenant. 

Rental rate and market demand analysis is constantly updated. With hundreds of homes under management, we know the market and its vicissitudes. Every time a lease comes up for renewal or goes vacant, we set the rent as high as we believe the market will support. This is done in consultation with the owner.

A full time in-house leasing staff is maintained. Our leasing department is open six days a week. Most management companies and individual agents do not work on the weekends when nearly one third of our leases are written.

Sixty days prior to lease expiration, residents are contacted to explore renewal terms. If a lease is not renewed, then planning for re-rental begins. Our lease requires tenants to allow us to show the home during the last thirty days of tenancy. This way, many homes are re-rented before the owner incurs any vacancy.

Tenants must pay security deposits for the monthly rental amount before move-in. No exceptions. If tenants do not have adequate finances upon move-in, any little financial disruption in their lives could cause a payment problem.